Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sports in Our Family

Yes...that title is right. Sports are a part of our family. Not because we play them. Well, he does play on a men's softball team. And he is a sports correspondent for our local newspaper. But the bottom line is that we watch sports. A lot of sports.

Doesn't everyone talk about football season when discussing when to have children? (His argument - we should have a boy during football season so I can take him to a game every year for his birthday.)

Doesn't everyone plan their wedding around sporting events? (We did - we got married in August becaues it was before football season and while baseball was in the "dog days of summer.")

Doesn't everyone wake up to Mike & Mike in the Morning? (The morning show on ESPN just in case you somehow don't know).

Doesn't everyone DVR "Sports Reporters" on Sunday mornings?

Doesn't everyone have to DVR their own shows to watch when their husband isn't home because if he is, ESPN is always on?

Doesn't everyone listen to their husband yell at the TV whenever a game is on? (Lets just say there has been a lot of yelling now that the NCAA basketball tournament is on.)

Sports are not just a part of our life...they are part of our family. :)

(Oh and just for the record - I love sports too. I have been known to refuse to decorate the Christmas tree with my family because the UNC game was in triple overtime. True story.)

Can anyone out there relate?


  1. We watch Sports Reporters, Tigers baseball all summer long, Red Wings, college football Saturdays, NFL on Sundays and Mondays, ESPN, E:60, listen to the sports radio show and rent UFC on a regular basis.

    I'm right there with you. Any girls we have better be tom-boys, otherwise, I won't know what to do!

  2. Ummmmm......I am pretty sure my husband and your husband are twinkies!

    I get ready in the morning to Mike and Mike.
    Colts/Notre Dame football during the fall, Butler basketball during the winter, White Sox baseball during the spring/summer and Manchester United pretty much year around.
    I swear we must have an interactive TV as much as my husband screams at it.
    A lot of our plans revolve around game time.
    And if by chance none of his teams are playing he will watch any random sport- cricket, darts, you name it....he will watch it. lol

    But I can't talk too much because I am usually right next to him screaming. Our poor bulldogs are going to have anxiety