Monday, August 9, 2010

Where Did She Go?

Dear Friends,

Don't you hate when you follow a blogger religiously and then she just seems to drop off the face of the planet?

**Hangs her head sheepishly**

I'm so sorry for abandoning you, my wonderful followers. The truth is, I started a new blog and I feared it wouldn't be a success so I never shared it with you. Lo and behold, it does seem to be a success and I miss you, my faithful friends!

I have especially missed you this week as I am coming up on my first wedding anniversary. I find myself coming to this blog often, seeing what I was up to a year ago at this time. Many of you probably remember my last minute antics! Thank you for seeing me through such an absolutely wonderful time in my life.

I am now blogging at The Wannabe Athlete. I posted a little bit about my running and triathlons on this blog, but it didn't really seem to fit. Well, I'm happy to say that I am still running (I even ran NINE miles on Saturday!) and will be doing my next (and longest yet) triathlon in less than a month!

But don't worry - I don't just talk about those things. I still talk about "normal" life and my family. Although those two things in the same sentence might be an oxymoron. Hehe. I kid! I kid!

So please update your Google Readers and follow me at It will be nice to see some friendly faces over there!!!