Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Honeymoon is Officially Booked!!!!

Yesterday I received my confirmation from the Marriott in St. Thomas. We have five nights booked at their resort! As I mentioned before, we won the five night stay at a charity auction. It was just for a regular room, and since they were donating it, I figured they would be putting us in one of their worst rooms. But I kept gushing about how it was my honeymoon, and when I received my confirmation, I discovered they had put us in a room with a waterview and a balcony! I am so excited! And in case you forgot, here is a picture of the beautiful resort. :)

But here is the other wonderful thing. We won't be flying to St. Thomas until Monday morning (and our wedding is on Saturday). Why? Because we will be spending the first two nights of our honeymoon here:

The Ritz-Carlton in Sarasota! Some of our recently married friends highly suggested this. We will be getting into the hotel very late on Saturday night. Staying there two nights gives us a chance to really enjoy the resort and have some downtime before we head to the Carribbean. Isn't it beautiful??

Will you be splitting your honeymoon time between more than one resort?

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Pretty Programs!

We are currently pricing paper for our beautiful DIY invitations. Since we will be ordering paper for those, we are trying to figure out if there are any projects we will need to order paper for so we can just order it at one time and save on shipping!

One of those projects is programs. I saw these accordian-fold programs on Weddingbee awhile back and just LOVE them. They even have a tutorial on how to make these here. (What do you think super-crafty Sister? Can we do this?)

We also found these at Michaels. Both my fiance and I like this design too. And this seems like it would be a lot easier to make ourselves! :)
What do you think? Which do you like better? Feedback please! :)

Happily Ever After...

Mom sent me a picture of this sign today. Love it. :)

RSVP - Not As Simple As It Sounds!

As we are working to figure out all of our invitation details, I am trying to figure out what the wording should be for our RSVP postcards. Sounds simple, right? Not so much. I love this one. :)

When looking for inspiration on the Weddingbee Gallery, I found all sorts of RSVP cards.
This one has the "We have reserved ____ seat(s) for you" to avoid people adding an "and Guest" or an "and Cousin" or "and Girlfriend" or "and Pet Goldfish". :)

This one has a space for the guests to write a note to the bride and groom. I love this. But our RSVP cards will be much smaller than this one...

Here is one with food options, but looks entirely too complex for me to make! And also, the list of five blank spaces may welcome unexpected guests.

This is probably the one I like best. The only downfall is that it doesn't show who picked which dish.

Who knew this could be so complicated? I have to admit I have never really paid attention to the wording on any RSVP card I have ever gotten with a wedding invitation! I certainly will from now on!

Do you have any suggestions/ideas? How are you wording your RSVP cards?

Monday, April 27, 2009

Reality Bites

So do taxes and gratuity. After our tasting, I began figuring out the final numbers for exactly what our reception food will cost. We had a ballpark figure in mind...but our ballpark ended up being way off. A word of advice - read the fine print! Our food cost is subject to a 20% gratuity and 7% sales tax. And when you are feeding 250, that really adds up!

So while we are still under budget, it's not by much. Very frustrating. We have been trying so hard to cut corners, and doing what we can ourselves, and I still find things costing way too much.

But at the same time, we really are getting everything we wanted. When we started the wedding planning process, our two priorities were being able to invite everyone we wanted, and having a great photographer. And we got both those things. And both those things got 75% of our budget!
:) And I got the best thing of all - on August 15th I get to marry the man of my dreams.

But please...take my advice. Watch those taxes and gratuities! :)

Have you had a "reality bites" moment?

The Wedding Bouquet - by Mom

This is another guest post by my Mom (who also has her own blog, Things My Mom Taught Me)

The Wedding Bouquet
Years ago the bride would toss her wedding bouquet as she was leaving her wedding. This has always been a beautiful vision in my mind but when I got married brides had decided they didn't want to give up their bouquet so they would toss a throw away bouquet.

This sounded like a wonderful idea to me, so that is what I did. Then as the honeymoon progressed I proceeded to watch my flowers die. My new husband told me it was time to throw it in the trash. How could I? There had to be a better idea. So on the last night of our cruise we went up on deck and threw my beautiful bouquet overboard.

What did or are you planning to do with your wedding bouquet?

Tasting Recap (And A Sneak Peek at the Reception Site!)

On Saturday, my fiance and I went to our reception venue to try to pick a menu. I took some pictures to share with you! Actually it was pretty funny. My fiance kept saying, "Get out your camera! Don't you want to take pictures for your blog? Haha! Unfortunately, I didn't listen to him enough and don't have a ton of pictures. But I do have a few to share!

This is what you see when you pull up to the country club - beautiful! We actually went to a middle school dance here way back in the day. :) I love the long walkway...

This is where we will have our cocktail hour. And good news! We might be able to afford to offer some beer and wine free to our guests! (This one is on my fiance and I to provide). More on this to come later! But here is a peek at the room!

And this is where the dinner and dancing will take place. I am hoping this dance floor will be FILLED with people! :) This isn't the most glamorous picture of the room - it really is beautiful in person!

We walked around and figured out some of the logistics. And then the tasting began! fiance had a mental lapse earlier that morning and had just had a HUGE breakfast with his parents before we came to the site! He was SO full, but kept trying to push through and eat everything. :) Here he is, munching on an hors d'oeuvre...

And this picture was taken as we were surveying the damage. Whew. A lot of food. But it was really good!

I loved the pork (with a rasberry bbq sauce - YUM!) but I think we will end up with the beef, chicken, fish options. And that spinach and artichoke dip on the table will definately be making an appearance during the cocktail hour! We had a great time picking our menu, and working with the wonderful event planner at our site - who also happened to be in our graduating class from high school. :) This is what happens when you grow up in a small town!
What did you pick for your menu? Did you offer your guests options? Or just pick one dish for everyone?

Sunday, April 26, 2009

I Am Not a Crafty Bride

I am not crafty. But my family is! So when I was home this weekend, my family decided to attempt to make the invitations I had recently posted about. Mom and I drove around to craft stores trying to find the right paper and accessories to make it. Before I go any further, as a reminder, here is the inspiration photo:

Mom and I bought a piece of red paper measuring 18x18. (It was the biggest piece Michaels had!) When it comes to craftiness, I am an "eye-baller". I don't measure. My first instinct was to just start folding! But I knew that wasn't right. So Mom and I got out a ruler and one of her quilting measuring tools and tried to measure. is not my forte. Hers either. We knew we were supposed to measure. But measure what?? We weren't sure. The giggling began. Enter super-crafty Sister! She showed up to save the day. But keep this in mind - she had been at a Relay for Life the whole night before which equals no sleep. Luckily, she can still do math in her sleepy state. :)

And this is where the silliness began. I, knowing I have no crafty skills, decided my role would be that of cheerleader. Here I am, waving a scrap of paper, chanting "Go Sister! Go Sister!"

Mom and I then said something about making a "belly band" for the invitations. Sister didn't know what that was. Mom decided she should demonstrate.

Much more giggling by me and Mom. And Sister? This was her sleepy reaction. Hehe.

But despite our distracting laughter and antics, Sister figured out the measurements! When folded, it is 5x7, which makes it easy to fit in envelopes! Great job, Sister!

At that point, we decided to leave the craftiness to her. Mom and I supervised. We watched Sister measure, cut, design, etc. As time went on, we strayed from the original inspiration photo, and created a pretty unique invitation. It is still inspired by that one, but...better! :)
Here is Mom, showing off the real belly band! (As I am reading Weddingbee, trying to get some inspiration and ideas...)
And this is the finished product! Well, as finished as the first mock-up could be. Obviously there will be a different design on the front square (not just our names written in pencil!) And there will be writing on the invitation, and possibly a stamp, but you get the idea...

I love them! Thanks everyone for encouaging me to try to make them!

Now we just have to figure out how to do this in the most cost-effective manner. Such as, where can we get the best deal on the paper? Do we print, and then cut? Or cut, then print? This is definately a learning process, so I will keep you all informed as I learn the step-by-step process of creating my own invitations!

Did you make your own invitations? Do you have any suggestions on the most cost-effective way to make them?

Saturday, April 25, 2009

What's In a Name? - Guest Post by Mom!

As some of you know, my Mom is getting into this blogging thing. This is her latest post - and I thought it was totally relevant here!

What's In A Name?
My daughter is getting married in a little over three months and I find myself stressing about the strangest things.

One of the first things that came to my mind and still enters it on a regular bases is....What will my son in law call me?

This may sound strange to you but it is very important to me. A name helps identify who you are. It tells people something about you when they hear it.So what will my son in law call me?

My dad called his mother in law Mrs Benson. I thought that sounded cold especially since my mom called her mother in law Mom. I have never known what to call my mother in law so I resort to Grandma Weed. My husband calls my mom Bonnie.

So here is what I know right now..I don't want to be called Mrs. Weed and I really don't want him to call me mom. Not that I would mind but I really don't want my daughter calling his mom mom so I don't think that would be good. Dianne works but I would like to come up with a more enduring name. Something that says that I am someone special to him...not just his mother in law.

I have asked him to think about what he wants to call me but I am sure he has other things on his mind. So here are some ideas I have:

Mama D
Mama Weed
Mother in law dearest fairest of them all....just kidding

I think I'm leaning to Mama Weed...then maybe the grandkids could just call me this too. My husband could be papa Weed. This sounds friendly someone you would want to go to when you need something. Like someone you would care about. I think this may be my name....It reminds me of the Bernstein Bears with Mama Bear and Papa Bear and who doesn't love that vision.

So what do you think a mother in law should be wise cracks please.

What do you think? Feedback please! :)

I Love My Blogging Friends

Cheesy title, I know. But I do! It is amazing to me how I feel like I "know" so many of you. One of the first blogs I came across (if not THE first!) was CheapWife's. And I woke up this morning that she had passed this award on to me. Thanks Laura!!!

And I must be a dork too because this totally made my day. :) And now I would like to pass it along to these lovely ladies/blogging friends of mine.

1. Crazy Shenanigans

2. The Future Mrs. FF

3. Jess

4. HannahNoel

5. Courtney

I love reading your blogs - and thank you for always being willing to give me input on my wedding planning! I'm so glad to have "met" you! :)

Friday, April 24, 2009

Hold the Presses!

I came across a photo of these today on Project Wedding and FELL IN LOVE. Aren't these amazing???

The details are on under "Vintage" and "Scrapbook". But when I looked them up on their Etsy site, they were WAY over my budget. Sigh.

But what do you think? Could we do these ourselves? I think I would be willing to forego the raised print if they came out looking like this!

Tasting Time!

My fiance and I are going to our reception site tomorrow to do a "tasting" and figure out what the menu for our wedding should be. We are thinking about giving options on the reply card, so we have to get this figured out before we order the invitations!
We will be having a sit down dinner, and will probably go with some pretty traditional items. But check out these fun food choices! (All pictures courtesy of Weddingbee's new image gallery!)

White Castle anyone?

How about some McDonalds cheeseburgers at the end of the night?

And I personally love this one - milk and cookies!

I'd love to hear your words of wisdom - what do I need to make sure we ask at our tasting? Anything you wish you had known when setting your menu?

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Cute Shoes!

I came across a new blog today and saw some flats she had found at Urban Outfitters. I went to the website and found these adorable shoes!

And for someone who is thinking about having their "something blue" be their shoes, check out how cute these are in "Jade"!

But WAIT! Here is the BEST thing about these shoes! They are only...$28!!!! Can you believe it???

I have never bought shoes (or anything else from that matter) from Urban Outfitters. While I'm loving my bridal shoes, I'm thinking it might be wise to have a pair of flats as a back up plan for the reception. And this is a pair I could afford! But give me some feedback - do you have any experience with Urban Outfitters? What do you think about their quality/comfort?

Searching for Centerpiece Creativity...

I am still trying to figure out what to do for our centerpieces. As you know, we have tons of vases - now we just figure out what to put in them! This picture was my original inspiration...

But I have found some other examples/ideas. I'd love to hear your thoughts and opinions on these!

Give me some feedback. What do you like? What do you not like? I'd love to hear your ideas!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Cake Love

If I were to have a big fancy "wedding cake", I think I would have something like this. Exactly our colors!

But, as I've mentioned before, I'm thinking about doing a "dessert buffet". So instead of having a big cake like the one above, our "wedding cake" would be something smaller like this:

with a bunch of single layer cakes (on cakestands too!) around it. I love this idea - what do you think? Have you seen this done? Did you like it / not like it?

Happy Birthday, Little Sister!

Today my little sister turns 22. I remember the day she was born so clearly. I remember getting the phone call that she had arrived when I was staying at my grandparents house. I remember when this picture was taken, and how that blue vinyl on the chair felt. I remember what a beautiful baby she was. And slowly, through the years, she became more than just my little sister - she became my best friend.

Monday, April 20, 2009

The Hunt for the Tuxes

Last Saturday, my fiance and I went shopping for tuxes. I had told him these were his decision. And they were...mostly. I probably voiced my opinion more than he would have liked. :) But the guys will all be wearing black, three button tuxes. My fiance really wanted the guys to have colored vests, so the groomsmen will be wearing these vests, and the long ties. I think they will look great paired with the girls black dresses!

I love the detailing on the vests!

My fiance wants to wear all white on his...but I'm debating whether or not he should have white or ivory. My dress is a different shade of white...I want to make sure it goes together. My dress is supposed to come in this weekend, so we will take a swatch of the fabric back to the tux store and make the final call then. But it will be this in either white or ivory:

And my daddy will be wearing the classic black. Which I LOVE.

I think it will look beautiful! But I found that picking out tuxes and colors was much more stressful than I thought it would be.

Tell me about your tux shopping experience! Did you find it to be simple? Or entirely too complicated (like me)?