Sunday, April 12, 2009

Collecting Jars

I have always loved the look of candles in jars. Especially hanging from trees...oooh, so romantic.


And since I have been planning my wedding, I have fallen in love with pictures I have seen with flowers in the jars, like this:

The reason I bring this up is because...I have been collecting jars for quite some time. Not Mason jars, just jars from pasta sauce, salsa, etc. I literally have boxes of them in my garage. I have always thought - I may use these for my wedding someday! But since we are getting married indoors, in August, I'm not sure how to factor them in. Our wedding has a more elegant feel to it - these seem more appropriate for an outdoor/garden wedding. But they may be making an appearance somewhere in the wedding decor. I just have to figure out where...

Did you have any pre-planned ideas about your wedding that didn't quite seem to fit once the actual planning began?


  1. ooo You could definitely incorporate them somehow! Would be such a shame to waste them! But i totally know what you mean!

  2. I don't know what your indoor wedding setting is but I've actually seen someone use these inside in a chapel. They got different sizes candles and used the jars as holders. They placed them sporadically along the alter where they stood so it looked like they were standing surrounded by glowing burning candles. Their wedding was also in the late evening around 7:30 so it gave the inside of the church this magical golden glow. It was really nice!

  3. Your wedding is about you and your style. If you love jars then you should use them.

  4. I think they would look awesome all along the stage up and down the steps!!!

  5. We will have jars for our wedding, too. I love how they look. I'm gonna use them for flowers and candles. You could put in candels for the outside of your venue, or for the inside and put them on the floor, steps....

  6. Maybe you could use the jars for the centerpiece holders at the reception.....