Sunday, April 26, 2009

I Am Not a Crafty Bride

I am not crafty. But my family is! So when I was home this weekend, my family decided to attempt to make the invitations I had recently posted about. Mom and I drove around to craft stores trying to find the right paper and accessories to make it. Before I go any further, as a reminder, here is the inspiration photo:

Mom and I bought a piece of red paper measuring 18x18. (It was the biggest piece Michaels had!) When it comes to craftiness, I am an "eye-baller". I don't measure. My first instinct was to just start folding! But I knew that wasn't right. So Mom and I got out a ruler and one of her quilting measuring tools and tried to measure. is not my forte. Hers either. We knew we were supposed to measure. But measure what?? We weren't sure. The giggling began. Enter super-crafty Sister! She showed up to save the day. But keep this in mind - she had been at a Relay for Life the whole night before which equals no sleep. Luckily, she can still do math in her sleepy state. :)

And this is where the silliness began. I, knowing I have no crafty skills, decided my role would be that of cheerleader. Here I am, waving a scrap of paper, chanting "Go Sister! Go Sister!"

Mom and I then said something about making a "belly band" for the invitations. Sister didn't know what that was. Mom decided she should demonstrate.

Much more giggling by me and Mom. And Sister? This was her sleepy reaction. Hehe.

But despite our distracting laughter and antics, Sister figured out the measurements! When folded, it is 5x7, which makes it easy to fit in envelopes! Great job, Sister!

At that point, we decided to leave the craftiness to her. Mom and I supervised. We watched Sister measure, cut, design, etc. As time went on, we strayed from the original inspiration photo, and created a pretty unique invitation. It is still inspired by that one, but...better! :)
Here is Mom, showing off the real belly band! (As I am reading Weddingbee, trying to get some inspiration and ideas...)
And this is the finished product! Well, as finished as the first mock-up could be. Obviously there will be a different design on the front square (not just our names written in pencil!) And there will be writing on the invitation, and possibly a stamp, but you get the idea...

I love them! Thanks everyone for encouaging me to try to make them!

Now we just have to figure out how to do this in the most cost-effective manner. Such as, where can we get the best deal on the paper? Do we print, and then cut? Or cut, then print? This is definately a learning process, so I will keep you all informed as I learn the step-by-step process of creating my own invitations!

Did you make your own invitations? Do you have any suggestions on the most cost-effective way to make them?


  1. Hey I'm not a crafty bride either but those look GREAT!! I'll be honest I have no suggestions for you b/c I have no idea where to start on a DIY project but CONGRATS on them looking so good!

  2. SEE!? I knew it could be DIY YIPPIE! :-)
    I also need to use the family when it comes to DIY. Those are great...but what is better is that you found a way to make something that you were just kinda crushing on...a reality. Isn't it great when something you were "wishing for" actually get! :-)

  3. Oh..and PRINT, then cut
    Just for to the craft store....I went to Micheal's and found nice paper for 50cents a sheet. The sell "normal" paper sized that you can just put in the printer
    Print 2 to a page and cut in half
    Then use double stick tape...or my new fav adhesive roller-thing.......and stick those suckers on there! :-)
    Good luck

  4. Those look amazing! It depends on your colors sometimes it is hard to find the right color in the right size. Here are a few that I have found:
    Crafty Toy Box


    Anchor Paper

    Good Luck!

  5. Those are great!!!! The picture of your sister with her head down made me laugh so hard. I bet she was exhausted!!!!

    It looks like you had fun making them as well though!! yay!! You got them done!

  6. Good job Weeds!!! (well, at least Shannon) lol I think they look great! I shall say again, now and for every other wedding I participate in and think back on my own....... Where was Shannon when I needed her?!?!?! She's awesome!

  7. I want to see the final product! I am so inspired.. I might not be able to call you by your nickname any longer, you did it on your own, lol...

  8. Make up one complete set ready to mail, then go to the postoffice with it for the correct postage rate. Aunti C

  9. Look at you!! you are SO a crafty bride! that looks awesome!

  10. I LOVE them! So so pretty! Can't wait to see the final project! Wooohooo!

  11. haha It looks like you guys had a great time!!! :) The invites turned out GREAT! I can't wait to see the final version. LOVE them!

  12. Hi! I found your blog through weddingbee and now I'm hooked! :)

    I am DIYing my invites too! It's halfway done, just gotta do the inserts! I'm glad yours turned out well!

    I ordered my paper through Anchor Paper too. I figured it'd be cheaper than to get all my cardstock at Michael's. I HIGHLY recommend them! For around $56 for two packs (250 sheets of paper each), I have used the cardstock for my newsletter envelopes, favor tags, save the dates, and pocketfolds...and I still have SO MUCH left over for programs, etc.

  13. You go girl!! (That was for Shannon), lol Just kiddng my friend. Good job. We DIY our invites too, and you think you were giggly when you were doing the mock up!?!? Just wait for the assembly line of finished products, lol. I think I remember you saying you wanted to invite EVERYONE you knew, You will be rethinking that when you are assembling the babies one at a time. At least I did ;) They look amazing, good job!!