Thursday, April 2, 2009

Who to Invite

This post is actually stolen from my Mom's blog ( I loved it and wanted to share - enjoy! :)

Who to invite
My daughter is getting married in August and she wants to invite the whole world. I understand how she feels. The day I married her father I thought was the most important day in history. Who wouldn't want to be there?

I walked on to the aisle and smiled ear to ear as I felt the love and excitement shared in the room. I remember my mother talking about her wedding and how there wasn't enough room in the church for everyone so they opened the windows so people could look in.

A marriage isn't about two people. It's about a community. People that will be there for you when things get hard. People that want the best for you and are willing to help make that happen.So I will tell my daughter to invite everyone and I won't stress about it, I'll just be thankful that as she walks down to meet her groom she will feel the love and support of those special people in her life all around her....even if it means we eat spam.


  1. Aww... That is so sweet and so true!!

  2. Oh I agree about the dress. But I know Mr. FF and he will tell me the truth about what looks best. I am really leaning towards him going just because I think we would really enjoy it and be a memory for us. But I am still going to talk to him about it..

  3. oh that's such a sweet post! what an amazing mama you have! thanks for sharing that!

  4. Awe! That is so true! Well said!!!!