Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Honeymoon is Officially Booked!!!!

Yesterday I received my confirmation from the Marriott in St. Thomas. We have five nights booked at their resort! As I mentioned before, we won the five night stay at a charity auction. It was just for a regular room, and since they were donating it, I figured they would be putting us in one of their worst rooms. But I kept gushing about how it was my honeymoon, and when I received my confirmation, I discovered they had put us in a room with a waterview and a balcony! I am so excited! And in case you forgot, here is a picture of the beautiful resort. :)

But here is the other wonderful thing. We won't be flying to St. Thomas until Monday morning (and our wedding is on Saturday). Why? Because we will be spending the first two nights of our honeymoon here:

The Ritz-Carlton in Sarasota! Some of our recently married friends highly suggested this. We will be getting into the hotel very late on Saturday night. Staying there two nights gives us a chance to really enjoy the resort and have some downtime before we head to the Carribbean. Isn't it beautiful??

Will you be splitting your honeymoon time between more than one resort?


  1. Enjoy your honeymoon! It looks beautiful!

  2. Oh my gosh...that looks amazing! I think I just drooled into my coffee!

  3. You are soooo lucky! I actually recently won a trip myself, but it's for 3 nights and it's at a cabin in Tennessee. Being that Tony and I haven't set a date for the wedding, and that he can't take time off until after April 2010 (he just got hired at Boca Grande Fire Department and you get no vacay for the first year) I don't know if they will let me use the trip in a year! LOL!

  4. it! Congrats! I was so happy when we booked ours...I know the feeling :-)
    We are also kinda splitting ours too. We are spending out first 2 nights in Mexico at a super fancy and pricy resort...but to afford that, we have to spend the rest of our time at a more affordable time share.

  5. It looks so beautiful! Congrats on booking your honeymoon officially!

    I'm contemplating whether or not we should book ours in a couple of days. We have 5 months left, and I'm worried that something will happen, and we have to cancel and lose some money. But FI wants to do it soon before prices go up for the summer.

    We are not splitting our honeymoon (never thought about it!). We're not leaving till Monday so we can rest up and spend some more time with our family.

  6. Both places look AMAZING! You're going to have an amazing time!