Wednesday, April 8, 2009

"We" Not "Me"

I am finding that there is something wonderfully amazing that happens during the time of engagement. "Me" gradually becomes "we". I have realized why having an engagement period is so important - and it is more than just having time to plan a wedding. It is the process of preparing for two to become one. Two lives, so inexpressibly intertwined. No longer are decisions about "my life" really just about me. They are decisions about "we". And there is nothing more beautiful than that.


  1. Have you noticed that Me is still in We you just don't see it at first glance.

  2. SO true. It is such a cool feeling! :) Becoming "we" is unlike anything I have ever felt before.

  3. you title made me laugh because "We" and "Me" is topical in our house right now
    because I keep saying "my wedding" and he keeps giving me a hard time about it

    "I want to have roses at my wedding"
    "Ohhh! I wanna play stevie wonder at my wedding"

    He told me that maybe I can at least call it 'our" wedding when I am talking to HIM about the wedding LOL!!!
    Thus, your title cracked me up :-)

  4. I love this post. Reminds you that there IS more to it than just a party... its a marriage, not only a wedding. Way to stay grounded, Callie. :)