Monday, April 27, 2009

Tasting Recap (And A Sneak Peek at the Reception Site!)

On Saturday, my fiance and I went to our reception venue to try to pick a menu. I took some pictures to share with you! Actually it was pretty funny. My fiance kept saying, "Get out your camera! Don't you want to take pictures for your blog? Haha! Unfortunately, I didn't listen to him enough and don't have a ton of pictures. But I do have a few to share!

This is what you see when you pull up to the country club - beautiful! We actually went to a middle school dance here way back in the day. :) I love the long walkway...

This is where we will have our cocktail hour. And good news! We might be able to afford to offer some beer and wine free to our guests! (This one is on my fiance and I to provide). More on this to come later! But here is a peek at the room!

And this is where the dinner and dancing will take place. I am hoping this dance floor will be FILLED with people! :) This isn't the most glamorous picture of the room - it really is beautiful in person!

We walked around and figured out some of the logistics. And then the tasting began! fiance had a mental lapse earlier that morning and had just had a HUGE breakfast with his parents before we came to the site! He was SO full, but kept trying to push through and eat everything. :) Here he is, munching on an hors d'oeuvre...

And this picture was taken as we were surveying the damage. Whew. A lot of food. But it was really good!

I loved the pork (with a rasberry bbq sauce - YUM!) but I think we will end up with the beef, chicken, fish options. And that spinach and artichoke dip on the table will definately be making an appearance during the cocktail hour! We had a great time picking our menu, and working with the wonderful event planner at our site - who also happened to be in our graduating class from high school. :) This is what happens when you grow up in a small town!
What did you pick for your menu? Did you offer your guests options? Or just pick one dish for everyone?


  1. i went with beef/chk/fish options too. my mom went to a wedding this weekend and said they only offered surf & turf and a lot of people were turned off by the fish. & spin/artichoke dip is my favorite!! & i lovee how your invite mock-up turned out!

  2. Who is the event coordinator from Plantation from our class?

  3. Jessie Scott. And she does a fabulous job!

  4. The outside looks amazing!! It's really pretty. Options for food sound good, people always have something to complain about if you only have one type

  5. Looking forward to the spinach and artichoke dip! Thanks for giving options since I don't eat red meat anymore. Unfortunately there are people like myself with dietary restrictions that need those options.

  6. Looked like fun! We're doing our tasting next week - I think thats going to be my favorite part of the planning process :)