Tuesday, April 28, 2009

RSVP - Not As Simple As It Sounds!

As we are working to figure out all of our invitation details, I am trying to figure out what the wording should be for our RSVP postcards. Sounds simple, right? Not so much. I love this one. :)

When looking for inspiration on the Weddingbee Gallery, I found all sorts of RSVP cards.
This one has the "We have reserved ____ seat(s) for you" to avoid people adding an "and Guest" or an "and Cousin" or "and Girlfriend" or "and Pet Goldfish". :)

This one has a space for the guests to write a note to the bride and groom. I love this. But our RSVP cards will be much smaller than this one...

Here is one with food options, but looks entirely too complex for me to make! And also, the list of five blank spaces may welcome unexpected guests.

This is probably the one I like best. The only downfall is that it doesn't show who picked which dish.

Who knew this could be so complicated? I have to admit I have never really paid attention to the wording on any RSVP card I have ever gotten with a wedding invitation! I certainly will from now on!

Do you have any suggestions/ideas? How are you wording your RSVP cards?


  1. i tried to go the simple route: fill in your name, check attending/declining, then initial food choice, barely anyone actually initialed the food choices & some people's names were almost illegible! also there are multiple families with the same last name so it's been a guessing game on which mr & mrs each one is lol! i agree i thought it would be so much easier!

  2. Just remember.....unless you have someone sitting outside of the reception with a guest list...you need to count on people showing up who did not RSVP. Even though they don't understand what a bind that puts everyone in, it's still bound to happen. We had a gazillion people who showed up that didn't RSVP. But, since we were expecting it (cause we knew our church people, lol) we had extra food. It was easier for us though cause we had an incredible deal on our catering. Just something to think about. 3 1/2 months!!!!!

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the first one. It is halarious! I really like the one that defines how many seats have been reserved for them. If the two could be combined, that would be perfect!

  4. I think that "we have reserved ____ seats for you" is a great idea!

  5. I love the one about reserving seats! I like that one a lot!

  6. I have actually already printed our RSVPs and I kind of wish I researched them more like you did! Our wordings are pretty simple like the last one! I kind of wish I put the "we have reserved ___ seats for you" and ask them where they're staying so I won't have to call each person to deliver our OOT bags! Thankfully, I only have 10 or so to distribute.

    Oh...and I kind of wish we had a little folded card instead so guests can write a note for us inside the rsvp card.

    In short, choose wisely before you print! :)

  7. The first one is sooo cute! I wish we could do that one. It is totally my humor.. I like the idea of putting a place on the card for them to write where they will be staying.

  8. the "We have reserved ____ seat(s) for you" is a good idea and something i'm definitely going to use. we also have space for guests to write a small note, but the rest is still up in the air. i like all of your ideas, and the comments have helped as well.

  9. Ours is a destination wedding to Sarasota for many people (my parents live there, but 80% of guests are out of towners), so we used "Absolutely Coming/Bags are packed, all ready to go!" and "Sorry to be missing the fun/In a world of regret". We used a globe and a compass throughout the invitation set, so "world" of regret made sense.

    I LOVED thinking about RSVP cards, and I looked for hours (probably consumed a day or two of my life) at RSVP cards. Its an easy place to be a little more creative and unique!