Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Floral Inspiration of Tuesday!

I dreamed last night that my wedding was the next day, but I was still at THIS point in planning it! Yikes! One thing I freaked out about (in my dream) was the flowers. I don't have them picked out yet! But images of this bouquet came to mind since my sister had sent me the pictures a few days earlier. I asked my sister to go to the farmer's market the morning of my wedding and make these the bouquets for all the girls!

My other big stress in my dream was that I had no aisle runner...haha. Forget the fact that my dress still hasn't come in! Anyways, here are the pictures of that bouquet!

I think this is my favorite so far! I just love those hypericum berries and the color combination. So pretty!


  1. I love these too. I'm not sure how much times 7 would cost because they look expensive. But who knows until you ask.