Monday, April 27, 2009

Reality Bites

So do taxes and gratuity. After our tasting, I began figuring out the final numbers for exactly what our reception food will cost. We had a ballpark figure in mind...but our ballpark ended up being way off. A word of advice - read the fine print! Our food cost is subject to a 20% gratuity and 7% sales tax. And when you are feeding 250, that really adds up!

So while we are still under budget, it's not by much. Very frustrating. We have been trying so hard to cut corners, and doing what we can ourselves, and I still find things costing way too much.

But at the same time, we really are getting everything we wanted. When we started the wedding planning process, our two priorities were being able to invite everyone we wanted, and having a great photographer. And we got both those things. And both those things got 75% of our budget!
:) And I got the best thing of all - on August 15th I get to marry the man of my dreams.

But please...take my advice. Watch those taxes and gratuities! :)

Have you had a "reality bites" moment?


  1. True, which is why I'm serving BBQ from a local joint. It helps that mine is a backyard reception.

  2. Taxes suck! They will get you every time!

  3. Yes, I forgot the 20% gratuity as well! On top of it, The Candyman and I BOTH heard her say we could bring in our own beer and wine. Apparently, it was only the wine we could bring in. Our beer budget (ha ha!) went from $1.00 per beer (bought at Costco!) to $4.50. OUCH!

  4. When we first started looking several venues we liked charged a 15% "heritage" fee through the caterers ON TOP of the 20% gratuity and taxes...and then 10-20 dollar corkage fees at some places. gah.

  5. Even thou I was in the business of invitations, don't spend too much time/money on them. The average person looks at it for less then 1 min. writes it on the calender and throw the response card in with the bills waiting to be paid. Very few people ever keep them. Adding on postage it can be a budget buster. aunti C