Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Pretty Programs!

We are currently pricing paper for our beautiful DIY invitations. Since we will be ordering paper for those, we are trying to figure out if there are any projects we will need to order paper for so we can just order it at one time and save on shipping!

One of those projects is programs. I saw these accordian-fold programs on Weddingbee awhile back and just LOVE them. They even have a tutorial on how to make these here. (What do you think super-crafty Sister? Can we do this?)

We also found these at Michaels. Both my fiance and I like this design too. And this seems like it would be a lot easier to make ourselves! :)
What do you think? Which do you like better? Feedback please! :)


  1. I like them both alot but I think I like the second one alittle better.

  2. i like the first one better :)

  3. I think they are both nice. I would probably go with the one easiest to make. :)

  4. I will help you make which ever you decide!

    Maybe you need to start with deciding what is going on the program so we can see how much room we are going to need. The first one seems to have more room to put things, but also more room to fill. Are you giving bio's on the wedding party, or just an order of ceremony? This might help dictate which design you choose.

    Just a thought!

  5. I like the first one and I think you guys could totally make it-- the first one would be hard but once you get the spacing for the folds it would just be an assembly line. Shannon brings up a good point though, that is a LOT of room to fill. Do you have that much info??