Monday, April 20, 2009

The Hunt for the Tuxes

Last Saturday, my fiance and I went shopping for tuxes. I had told him these were his decision. And they were...mostly. I probably voiced my opinion more than he would have liked. :) But the guys will all be wearing black, three button tuxes. My fiance really wanted the guys to have colored vests, so the groomsmen will be wearing these vests, and the long ties. I think they will look great paired with the girls black dresses!

I love the detailing on the vests!

My fiance wants to wear all white on his...but I'm debating whether or not he should have white or ivory. My dress is a different shade of white...I want to make sure it goes together. My dress is supposed to come in this weekend, so we will take a swatch of the fabric back to the tux store and make the final call then. But it will be this in either white or ivory:

And my daddy will be wearing the classic black. Which I LOVE.

I think it will look beautiful! But I found that picking out tuxes and colors was much more stressful than I thought it would be.

Tell me about your tux shopping experience! Did you find it to be simple? Or entirely too complicated (like me)?


  1. Mr. AF was very opinionated about what he wanted the groomsmen to wear! He wanted them in all black, black shirts and vests, with a long red tie and handkerchief in the pocket!

  2. These look nice. What brand is this? We're looking for tuxes too!

  3. Completely his decision. The only say I had was what color the vests were.

  4. I am still attempting to drag my fiance to the tuxedo store!!! So, I am sure that it will be a complicated process...haha.

    Glad you found everything for the tuxes!

  5. I am new to your blog. Like you, I left the decision mostly up to my fiance. But it was still a complicated process. We decided on the geometrics truffle (groomsmen), white (fiance) and black (my dad).

  6. Sorry, Louise. I keep forgetting to answer your question! The tuxes are from Men's Wearhouse. Good luck on your search!

  7. I'm gonna look clean in the garnet. Can we do garnet and gold???