Friday, April 3, 2009

The "Do Not Play" List

Our DJ wants us to start working on lists for the "Must Play" and "Do Not Play" songs. I think the "Must Play" one will be pretty's the other one that makes me nervous. I mean, what if I forget to write down the "Chicken Dance" and then my cousin goes and requests it? UGH.
I am really looking forward to dancing at our reception. I may not be the greatest dancer, but I sure love to dance! I'm hoping ours will be as fun as my future brother and sister-in-law's wedding. They first had their wedding party out dancing to "Step in the Name of Love"...

And then everyone got out there dancing. And this picture really doesn't even do justice as to just HOW MANY people squeezed onto that tiny dance floor! So fun!

My goal is to have a full dance floor all night long. To make that happen, what songs do you think should be on my "Do Not Play" list? What songs have you heard at weddings that just didn't belong or should be avoided at all cost?


  1. I don't know if you were still there at Steve and Savita's reception, but the dj played apple bottom jeans (I know its last summer). Not the best choice. Especially because of some of the people dancing to it. It wasn't the classiest thing I have ever seen!

  2. kung foo fighting.. hokie pokie... i know..i gotta get on this too!

  3. Other than the obvious(chicken dance, macarena etc.) the best thing is to put down inappropriate songs and make a really giant "play" list of songs you know will fill the floor and people love and have your dj play songs exclusively from this list and not to take requests(when dj's tell you they'll have to see if they have it is code for "no way in hell!). If you don't want grinding then don't play songs that people grind to, it's kind of the rule from my fiance who used to dj at a very popular night club and has done a few weddings as well.
    Also listen to lyrics of songs because sometimes you don't realise they are inappropriate because you hear the music over the words. In the end though if some how the chicken dance does slip in there somehow just go with it. Keep dancing and flap your arms like it's the best song ever!

  4. Chicken Dance, Macarena, Hokie Pokie, YMCA, Electric Slide......oh my "do not play" list could go on for awhile!!!!

    I agree, the "Must play" list is so much easier!

  5. I would put sir mix alot's I like big butts on the do NOT play list lol.