Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Quite a Night

Sorry for being so out of touch this week. Things have been pretty crazy with starting the new job and all.

I thought tonight was going to be a night to catch up on posting. But...not so much.

My fiance was taking photographs for one of his newspaper stories tonight, and I decided to go with him. And....uh....once we got there....we...uh...locked the keys in the car. Whoops! Exactly who is to blame is unresolved but really doesn't matter. We were at a local rec center and were parked by the football fields. Well, the lights went out around 9pm and the parking lot emptied. Except for us. We had already been waiting for over a half hour. We sat there in the dark for almost another hour. I was starting to get a bit nervous - we didn't even have a phone because it was locked in the car! I had started scoping out places to sleep (I thought sleeping in the open football fields under the stars would have been nice), scoping out places to use the bathroom (there was a shed to hide behind, or some trees across the way)...and hoping the mosquitos would stay away. Hmm. It could be a long night. But then guess who arrived - the locksmith! And within 30 seconds, he had unlocked the doors. Amazing.

On another funny note, I just smelled the nastiest smell. I asked my fiance what it was, and he proudly held up his feet. EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. Smelly feet. I love him anyway...

I will (hopefully) be back to the posting soon! Stay tuned!


  1. Why do I often feel like we are married or soon to be married to the same person?!?!?! One night I was like OMG...what is that smell? It truly smelled like really bad burned popcorn or something. It was Nick's feet!!

  2. Man that sucks!!! I'm glad you got back in though..

    And that is just gross about the stinky feet!

  3. I bet Nate loves this post. HA!