Monday, April 20, 2009

Vases, Vases, Everywhere!

I have vases coming out my ears. We are making our own centerpieces, so I am trying to find the right vases for the tables. I should have bought stock in Homegoods before all this wedding planning started. I was sitting on my couch earlier today, and was astounded by how many vases were in my immediate view. And that didn't count all of them upstairs. I found it funny so I thought I'd share my new livingroom decor...

(All those tall post-looking things are wrapped up vases). I haven't figured out which ones to use. We have found 8 of the ones in the first picture (not that you can see them well) at $12.99/each.

Then I found the ones in the second picture, for just $14.99! They are seriously about 30 inches tall. Mammoth vases!

I'm not sure the curly willow is the best look for them since they are so tall - maybe fill them with water with floating flowers? I'm scouring the Internet for centerpiece inspiration - any ideas where I should look?


  1. Aug15, I work in product development and import glass all the time. $14.99 for a 30" vase is a STEAL. Wherever you got them, I'd stock up PRONTO! If you're getting them at Homegoods, be careful. They do not restock the same items. If they do, it's generally a lark if it happens. If the sales people tell you more will come in, I would hesitate to believe them. I only know this because my company sells to them. Good luck and congrats on a fabulous find!

  2. projectwedding! :-)

    But if you put some of those curly willow combined with flowers around the willow it may look very gorgeous. I hope you know what I wanna say... ;-)


    I've been having a lot of fun on this website today! It connects you to several other websites of flower arrangements.


  4. I got my tall vase at that same price. I love Mashall's and Ross!
    Your house looks like mine....I am overflowing with vases!