Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Art of Couponing

I am always amazed by people who are faithful coupon-cutters. You know the type - the ones who "save" more at the grocery store than they spend?

I'm trying to learn this art. And tonight I bought $39.35 worth of groceries for only $17.21!

Very exciting.

I'm still very new to this. I have always been the occasional coupon cutter, grabbing the Sunday paper when I think about it. But the probability of those coupons actually making to to the checkout belt have been slim to none.

But recently, I discovered the joy of printable coupons online. Mailers like Red Plum and SmartSource also have websites with coupons to be printed. Convenient.

Then I've been taking a look at the Publix Weekly Ad. I love Publix. They always have great "Buy One Get One" deals. And the best part? You can use two coupons on top of those items that are already "Buy One Get One".

For instance:

These Betty Crocker Sugar Cookie mix packets are usually $2.19/each. They are "Buy One Get One" right now at Publix. So that brings them down to $1.10/each. I had two $0.40/1 coupons. So the final price? Just $0.70/each!!

Beat that! :)

Do you have any good couponing tips to share?


  1. I have been trying to learn the art of couponing. I'm not nearly as good as you were though! MAN that's a heck of a savings!

  2. Callie, I will share a secret. I am a really great couponer because I did all the household shopping since I was in h.s.

    Yes it's all about combining coupons with sales (and rebates). has a great coupon database so you can search for coupons and sometimes ads in your areas (they already tell you what coupons to use).

  3. That's awesome! I so could have used the yesterday! I bought 2 packets!

  4. I'm so mad at myself! I took the time to cut out coupons, match them to the items on my list, bring the coupons to the store, double check to make sure that I was purchasing the right thing.... and then i forgot to hand them to the cashier!!!! AHHHHH!!!!

    So Frustrating!!!

  5. I know what you mean :-) I love saving money, but I've never been much of a coupon clipper. I tend to do better with things online like eBates or That's awesome that you've been able to save so much, though!

  6. Wowww I'm super impressed by your savings! I am a faithful coupon cutter myself...but I always feel like I ever save enough! I watch for sales, and then add coupons on top of it; I save an average of about $9 or so each trip...I wish I could make it go farther! I chalk it up to the fact that we eat predominantly fresh fruits/veggies/fresh protein, so there never seem to be coupons for them (we just have to watch for weekly specials and stock up)!

  7. Don't forget about geting the paper delivered to you! You will save a ton of money if you normally buy it here and there. St Pete Times is less han 15 bucks for a whole year of Sunday papers! Less than $.28 per week!