Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Steppin' It Up!

Two things I have learned about wearing a pedometer:

1. Wearing it to the gym in the morning gives me a great head start.
2. It is impossible to wear my pedometer with a dress.

I have gone to the gym the past two mornings (yay me!) and logged 11,211 total steps yesterday. Today I am already at 6472 after going to the gym. That time at the gym makes the 10,000 steps so much easier to obtain! But I am also trying to make the little changes - parking further away, walking to the mailboxes, volunteering to run errands at work, etc. We'll see if it pays off. :)

I'm not quite sure what to do with the whole no pedometer with a dress thing. I don't have to wear a dress to work, but I like to every so often! Any suggestions?


  1. could you attach to underwear or tights maybe??

  2. though you'd see a little bubble! haha

  3. You could attach it to your watch band

  4. Maria: I thought about clipping it to my undies! Haha. I may try that tomorrow...could be funny.

    Crazy Shenanigans: For some reason I can't figure out, it only works when attached to your belt...

  5. you may have to wear Granny panties to get it to be at your waist and work

  6. Good job keep it up! I don't have a pedometer yet...I need to get one.