Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I'm a Biking Queen

Well, maybe not. But I'm proud of the 12 miles I did in one hour yesterday! And remember, this is my bike (and my husband):

Not exactly a speed bike! My daddy bought me road tires this past week, and I am so excited to (hopefully) put them on today and see the difference when I ride. I know I need a new bike, but it's definitely not in the financial cards right now.
This is my dream bike:

This is Jenna from Eat Live Run. She is raffling off this bike this week and raising money for cancer research at the same time. This bike sells for almost $5000! Feel free to enter the raffle, but only if you'll be giving the bike if you win. :) All the details are here.

The sunrise is BEAUTIFUL this morning. Have a great day everyone!