Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A GREAT Deal on Huggies Baby Wipes at CVS!

If you have a baby, know someone who has a baby, or know someone who is going to have a baby, RUN to your nearest CVS. They have a GREAT deal going on right now!!

These refills (containing 216 wipes!) are currently ringing up for just $2.50! That's right! There won't be a sign for it (in fact the 2/$5 sign is on the smaller box of wipes) but just go ask for a price check, and these will show up as $2/5 as well!

My mom volunteers at Pregnancy Solutions, a place that helps teenage mothers and others during difficult times. She got a dozen of them! I bought two packs for my hairdresser who recently had a baby.

This is a GREAT deal. Let me know if you take advantage of it!


  1. MAN! That's a GREAT deal! I'm trying to stock up now so I might have to RUN to CVS!