Thursday, January 14, 2010

Channeling The Pioneer Woman

Lately, I have become obsessed with The Pioneer Woman. If you have not seen her website, go now. I'll still be here when you get back.

Still here? Well, the past two nights I have tried her recipes. Last night it was the BBQ Meatballs. Delicious!

Tonight? Chicken Parmigiana!
Her photo:

My photo:

So it may not be as pretty as The Pioneer Woman's, but I tried! And it was DELICIOUS!

And it also took me WAY longer than it was supposed to. And my kitchen was a disaster. But I made my husband a wonderful meal and he appreciated it. Yay! :)
I really love her recipes. Mostly because they are easy to follow, use "normal" ingredients, and they show a picture every step of the way! Perfect for a non-cook like me!
Anyone else out there love The Pioneer Woman?


  1. Oh my gosh, we must've been on the exact same wavelength :-) I just did a post on the PW's lasagna earlier tonight!

  2. I will have to check it out. I want to be a better cook so and am making it my goal to do it. My kitchen is tiny!! But we should be moving soon which will help.

  3. I LOVE Ree too! I got her cookbook for Christmas and it is amazing. I actually made the Chicken Parmigiana too! It took me forever and I made a mess too but we loved it. And we had leftovers for a few days which is always nice.

  4. Raising my hand SUPER high right now. I love the Pioneer Woman and one of my favorite gifts was her premiere cookbook. She can do no wrong in my book.

  5. ***Sigh*** I love Ree. I haven't made a recipe yet, but I have saved about 100 of them to add to my "queue" of new recipes to give a try. I try to do one new recipe a week...I've been doing a lot of Cooking Light ones so far.

    I must say though, your food looks delish...and I love the look on your hubby's face...he's so happy! :)

  6. Oh my husband is a big fan of me finding Ree ;) I make her recipes quite frequently :) Thanksgiving was a HUGE hit thanks to Ree!! I think it is too funny how much you and I are STILL alike, even though we don't sit together in Chorus or spend all week together at Church ;)