Monday, January 11, 2010

Missing the Wedding

We have been married for almost five months, and while newlywed life is great/fantastic/better than I coul have dreamed, I often find myself missing our wedding. As happy as my husband is that my planning is done, I feel like I need a new project. I miss pouring over magazines and websites, conspiring with my mom and sister over crazy details, and yes, I even miss the stress that came with it.

Maybe I'm feeling this way because I'm in the midst of putting together our wedding album - a task I have been putting off for months. I look back at that beautiful day and love everything about it - all the love that went into making it so perfect.

Have any other newlyweds found themselves feeling this way? Any ideas what my "new project" should be?


  1. I think we need to start a business that will work our creative juices....any ideas?

  2. I'm not married yet, but I know this will happen to me. I've told Josh that I know I will get baby fever if I get bored. And I do NOT want to get baby fever. We're planning to move out of state soon after the wedding, so that will be my new "project" so to speak. I know you just moved, is there any kind of painting or decorating that you can do? Maybe adopt a pet? Or...get baby fever!!

  3. I definitely felt that way too...i love watching my wedding videos with my children...they love it!

  4. I felt this way. Starting to be a Hostess on WeddingBee has helped, now I help those girls do research for ideas and I feel like I'm kind of back into it. I know I can't do it forever, but at least until the new project comes around, this has been fun.

  5. I feel that way from time to time and I definitely want something else to plan! I loved having something huge to look forward to and organize, it was fun for me!

  6. Definitely know what you mean - I've been keeping myself busy with mini projects and getting into things I've been interested in, but never pursued, like certain crafts. We're also throwing ourselves into home projects and that takes thought, discussions and planning!

  7. Just found your blog! And it's so funny, I totally just commented on another blog that I kind of miss wedding planning. And planning that wedding was one of the most stressful things ever, so I did NOT expect to miss it! But I do; I miss having the outlet for all that crafty stuff. I'm kind of glad to hear you feel the same way and it's not just me!

    I guess I've been 'nesting,' even though I feel weird about that term, or at least I did in my first apartment (but we just moved and this time I feel uninspired), and soon I'm throwing my first shower ever. And, of course, blogging. :)

  8. What you are feeling is totally normal Many of us go through that feeling. It was no different for me 13 years ago. My girlfriends and I called it the "sniff, sniff, I'm not the bride anymore" syndrome.
    It is a physical let down, the stress, the planning, anticipation, attention, when the last card/gift arrives in the mail it is time to move onto a new chapter.
    Wedding planning can consume so much of your life it is no wonder it feels like something is missing after it is all over.
    How unfair men never have this issue, we women torture ourselves! LOL
    It is the same with babies...once they start to grow. All the attention you get as a new mom and all the planning for baby wears off and real life takes over.
    I hope you find a wonderful project that brings you joy!