Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Abed and Sheldon

Let me introduce you to my two favorite men on television.

#1 Danny Pudi

a.k.a. Abed on Community

This guy is absolutely hysterical. We started watching this show from the very first episode and it has really grown on me. The fact that I work in higher education makes it even better. All the characters are great, but Abed is epic. Absolutely love him.

#2 Jim Parsons

a.k.a. Dr. Sheldon Cooper on Big Bang Theory
There is something so endearing about this group of scientists and their hot neighbor, Penny. But the star of the show (to me) is Sheldon. He is so socially awkward, but in the funniest way.

Have I mentioned I have always had a thing for nerdy guys?
Probably don't have to...
Who are your favorite characters on tv?


  1. Do you really still watch Community? I gave up on it back in January. Sometimes I think it tries to hard....

    as for my favorite characters, I have several!!
    1. Tom - from Parks and Recreation
    2. Andy Bernard - the Office
    3. The intern, April - from Parks and Recreation
    4. Phil - Modern Family (he's the funniest dork ever! love him!!!)

  2. Oh yes, we still watch Community. Maybe it's the working in higher education tie I have to it? I have to be honest and say that if Abed wasn't on the show, I may not watch it. But I just love him too much.

    Oh and you mentioned Phil. Oh Phil. He is borderline TOO awkward for me!

  3. have a thing for nerdy guys eh??

  4. Haha! I LOVE Sheldon. He is definitely the star of Big Bang Theory.

    My fav TV characters would be:

    Sheldon- Big Bang Theory (obviously)
    Ron (Tyler Labine)- Sons of Tuscon
    Bobby (Brian Van Holt)- Cougar Town
    Cameron (Eric Stonestreet)- Modern Family

    LOVE all those guys! They all make the shows!

  5. I totally agree with you! They are the funniest characters on tv!