Thursday, March 4, 2010


This is me today.

Actually, this has been me all week. I went to work Monday, stayed home on Tuesday. Battled through another day of work yesterday, but am home sick again today. Blehhh.

My husband is on a mission to get me well. Apparently, I was battling a fever all night long and kept him up all night with my incessant coughing. I miraculously slept through most of it, thanks to my dear friend Nyquil. (That stuff really knocks me out!)

So today my husband is disinfecting the house, buying me extra vitamins, making me drink orange juice all day long, etc etc. I'm glad he chose this route since he admitted this morning that he was tempted to smother me with my pillow last night when I wouldn't stop coughing. Haha.

That's love right there.


  1. Aw feel better hun. When I'm sick Dayquil/Nyquil is the only thing I take to get through it.

  2. We must be twins because I'm in the same boat!

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