Friday, March 26, 2010

Ode to My Dress

No, not this dress.

I'm talking about this dress.

I love this little dress. Yes, it cost a fraction of my wedding dress (1.5% of the cost actually) but I love it. Obviously, not as much as my wedding get the picture. I found this little beauty on a clearance rack at TJ Maxx for something crazy like $12. It has been my "go to" dress for the past two years. I have worn it to a wedding (above), a bridal shower (below) and a graduation event (bottom photo), along with a million other events in between. I even once wore it to church where another girl was wearing the same dress! My husband thought that was hilarious.

Well, my dress died the most embarrassing way. I wore it to work (loving the summer weather!) I felt so cute. Then I went to choir practice at church. That's when I realized the back of the dress had split open, right over my hiney. Thank the LORD I was wearing "big girl panties" as my friend Katie calls them. I have no idea how long I had been mooning the world with my pink panties. I can only imagine...
I got home, and literally cried on my husband's shoulder over the destruction of my dress (and maybe a little over my absolute embarrassment?). The rip was irreparable. (How's that for alliteration?) I thought all was lost.
I emailed my boss to tell him my incredibly embarrassing story. His suggestion? Turn the dress into a shirt! Oooooooh. The dress just might live on. But that would require sewing. Hmm. This chica has no sewing skills. Mom to the rescue! We'll see what kind of magic she can create out of my dress!
Have you ever had a favorite piece of clothing die in an embarrassing way?


  1. That's so sad! I can't believe your male boss suggested turning it into a shirt! That's a great idea! I hope your mom can save it!

    I just spill on myself a today I dropped a baby carrot that had hummus on it down the front of my shirt. TGIF! :)

  2. Oh nooo I'm so sad to hear that! :( I always do something dumb to an item of clothing that I the time that I accidentally missed my black wool dress when I was switching my clothes to the dryer. It went in...the heat did its job...and it is iiiiiitty bitty now. Blast!

  3. If you had wore a slip like your mother taught you you wouldn't have mooned the world