Tuesday, July 7, 2009

And Now We Bring You...A Successful Purchase!

So the general consensus (so far!) is that the hair comb isn't all it cracked up to be. Which is unfortunate, because I checked White Aisle's return policies and they allow no returns on jewelry items - including hair pieces. DANG IT. I wish I had seen that sooner - I'm not sure I would have ordered it! But then again, I guess a $30 loss isn't that terrible. I suppose I can take it to my hair trial next weekend and see if we can make it work.

But now I bring you a successful purchase!

Remember my post on card boxes? Earlier this week, I sent an email to my mom, basically to the effect of, "It's silly to spend money on a card box. Why don't we just borrow the white bird cage your friend's daughter-in-law used at her wedding?"

Then I went shopping on my lunch break.

And at Jo-Ann Fabrics I found this - the perfect bird cage!

I don't think my pictures do it justice. The sides are long tall slots, while these pictures make them look checkerboardish (is that a word?) like the bottom.
Won't this be pretty with a nice sign and ribbon on the front? I love it!
And the best part? It was originally $35, on sale 60% off! (That means I got it for $14!)
But then I went back today and saw they are now 70% off. Dang.
I'm still very happy with this purchase. What do you think of it?


  1. Great find, girl! And you got a nice deal on it. It was practically free =).

    Can't wait to see your finished pics.

  2. I considered buying that exact cage for my "card box" but couldn't imagine spending nearly $40 on it! You got a great deal!

  3. this is PERFECT! what a great idea! i might have to steal it for my wedding :) thanks!

  4. Absolutely perfect. You say you got it at JoAnn's? I'm so there.

  5. Get a teacher's/educator card there too! It gives you an extra 15% off your purchases!!

  6. Great find at an awesome price!

  7. what a pretty bird cage :) and great deal!

    do you think you can take your receipt back for a price adjustment?

  8. I've seen this done before! Love the look!

  9. VERY cute!!! You can't beat the price!!! :) Great find!