Monday, July 13, 2009

Guest Post By...My Groom! :)

Callie asked you all to submit questions and I am now providing you the answers. She asked me previously to guest blog on this but I had declined. However, she thought of this as a fun way to get me involved and I obliged. I enjoyed all of the questions and feel free to keep the coming if you want further explanation or want to know something else. Here is what you have waited for.

If money were no object, what would he want at the wedding (e.g. awesome band, a rocking car for the entrance, wedding at a beachfront resort)?

This is a good question but there isn’t anything grand that I’d want to add to what we already have. Her father from the time I asked for his blessing said he’d pay for the wedding and reception and while it’s not a Platinum Wedding (I can’t believe I just admitted to watching WE), I thank him for putting up the money after we told him we wanted to have 300 there.

The venue is the church I grew up in and where we met. My pastor from the time I moved to Venice is performing the ceremony. The reception is at a great looking country club in town and only a few miles from the church and we have a great menu.

We are getting to leave the wedding in a limousine that will have champagne on ice and hopefully some chocolate chip cookies in the back as well.

If I had to choose something I guess it would be a band but I wouldn’t even know how to choose one anyway.

Where did your groom go to school - from kindergarten on?

I went to Venice Elementary School from kindergarten through fifth grade and that is the school where my mother worked. For sixth through eighth grade I attended Venice Area Middle School where my dad was my math teacher for all three years. I also went to Venice High School with Callie.

For college I graduated from Florida State University in 2005 and later from the University of South Florida St. Petersburg.

How would you describe your future wife? What is your favorite memory of the two of you together?

The best way to describe her is fluid. She can be put into almost any situation with any group of people and excel. I can take her around my friends and she gets along with everyone’s wives and girlfriends. She’s good friends with my mom and I know I don’t have to hold her hand when we’re around my family either. I can take her to a nice restaurant or party and she knows how to carry herself, and we can go to a dive bar and eat greasy burgers and wings. There is no one else I enjoy doing most things with than her.

I have a few favorite memories of her: Game 7 of the ALCS last year was pretty cool. This last season of softball together was great. She turned into a real asset for our team. My most favorite though would have to be the time we spend in the car together when we are traveling to Venice or Tally or wherever we happen to be going. I like turning off the radio and getting to talk to her. She’s very smart.

Hey august15groom! If you and your bride to be's relationship was a movie what would it be called? (Or, what movie out there is most like your relationship?)

Comparing our relationship to a movie is really hard. For all the nonsense we have been through to get this point there is not a movie that could accurately describe our journey.

Hey August15Groom :)What, if anything, has been your favorite part of the planning as the groom? And what has been your least favorite part?

My favorite part was registering for the gifts but Callie has changed the registry so many times I don’t know what’s on there any longer. It is nice hoping for a new television. It was also great knowing I won’t have to miss any football games.

The least favorite part is when Callie asks me a question pretending to value my opinion and goes with whatever you all say anyway. Planning could have been really easy I think but I guess I am mistaken.

Is being engaged and planning a wedding anything you thought it would be? What has been your favorite part to date?

The best thing about being engaged is knowing the one person you will be with for the rest or your lives. Planning a wedding has been everything I thought it would. I only was particular about the date (no football season or during an important sporting event). Other than that Callie has been taking over everything.

So how do you think you feel on the big day? Scared? Nervous? Excited? Ready to move on? Are you afraid of crying or laughing during the ceremony? What is your biggest fear for that day?

I’ll be excited because I only get to do it once, but ready to move on because the wedding is still only one day of the marriage. I have no reason to be scared and I will enjoy being the center of attention for the short period of time that I’m allowed.

I’m afraid of both laughing and crying during the ceremony. My defense mechanism has always been to laugh when I get in trouble or get nervous. I don’t want Callie to think that I’m laughing at her for anything. I’m worried about crying because my friends and brothers will never let me hear the end of it.

My biggest fear of the day is getting hurt playing hoops in the morning. I plan on playing basketball with a bunch of the fellas in the morning and we all have to get through unscathed.

When looking at your bride to be, what do you feel?

Lucky, she could have been with anyone else but somehow she got stuck with me.

What do you look forward to about the wedding the most? Is there a certain moment you are looking forward to the most?

There isn’t one thing I look forward to the most. I’m interested to hear what our Pastor has to say about us in the beginning, and I’m interested in seeing people’s reaction to the video. In addition, the reception will be a blast. Our family and friends are a lot of fun to be around and it will be great getting them together.

This maybe a really personal question but I am truly wondering, is it hard being an interracial couple? My best friend is in an interracial relationship and I was just wondering how I could support them better if she runs into rude or mean people.

I wouldn’t say being an interracial couple is hard but it’s not easy. On most occasions it doesn’t come up but the looks will always be there from someone. Every so often it will be blatant disrespect but there is not a whole lot you can do about it.

This may be a little off topic, but how do you feel about Tim Tebow beating the Seminoles a third year in a row? Will it happen? Does Bowden have a chance?

The Noles are going 14-0 this season claiming the ACC Championship (in Tampa which I will go to) and National Championship. Christian Ponder will be in New York for the Heisman presentation and Bobby will ride off into the sunset leaving Jimbo Fisher and company to land the number one recruiting class in the country.


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