Friday, July 17, 2009

Time for the Hair Trial!

My hair trial is tomorrow.


Let me first confess - I am no hair fashionista. Oh no. I spend maybe 5 minutes on my hair. If that long. This is how my hair usually ends up. Lovely, no? :)

Second confession? I have issues with my profile. Yes. As in that my chin is not as big as I would like it to be. (Does that make sense?) Because of this, when I dress up, I tend to like my hair down. Maybe I think it hides it? And my groom likes my hair down too.

So when I started thinking about bridal hairstyles, these were the inspiration photos I found. (Sorry to be a bad blogger, but I have no idea where I found these! Most are probably from WeddingBee, Project Wedding, or The Knot.)

But...I am getting married in August. In Florida. Hot. And humid.
And my dress really looks better with my hair up.
So I started looking at hair styles with hair in a low bun (again - I apologize for having no idea where these came from, except Mrs. Cherry Pie's pictures from WeddingBee!)

And my latest hair inspiration has been from Elizabeth over at A Wedding Story. She has been doing her recaps Classic beauty.

And there is something about this bride's hair that I really like.

Which version do you like best? Any suggestions for my hair trial experience?


  1. I like the last the way you have a beautiful profile...what I would give for your long neck and defined chin it off before it all starts to double up on you.

  2. Hmm...I love the first two the best. As for the updos...#3 is my fav! Good luck!

  3. i love all of them. so hard to choose.

  4. mrs. cherry pie's hair is soo pretty!! goodluck with your trial :)

  5. and me both with our chins! :-) I hate my profile 'cause I hate my chin and neck!
    We are own worst critics...I hope i feel so pretty on the big day and down fall into the usual traps of thinking my chin makes me look fat. haha
    can't wait to see the pics of the hair trial

  6. I like the first photo. Your hair would look great down, but pulled back with soft curls.