Saturday, February 21, 2009

Our Engagement Photos

I'm not exactly sure when you are "supposed to" take engagement photos. Our theory was - take them around the time you get engaged! So two weekends (I think) after we were engaged, we came down to my home town and had these pictures taken. It sure helps when you have a beautiful background like the beach for your pictures!

I must say that our engagement photographer did a wonderful job - especially for the price! :) My sister Shannon graciously agreed to take our pictures and we could not be more impressed with the outcome. If you need someone to take some pictures for you, let me know. I think she did a GREAT job!

I love this one, but Nate doesn't - because he says it just reminds him of how COLD the water was that day! :) He was such a good sport....
(I think this last one is my favorite)

When and where did you take your engagement photos?


  1. We took ours at the canal in Las Colinas. I surely don't remember when :)

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