Sunday, February 22, 2009

Shoe Obsession

Lately, I have enjoyed nothing more than shopping for shoes. I did hunt around the mall yesterday for some shoes, but my obsession has primarily been online. How can it not be, with so many wonderful sites out there?

First and foremost, there is AMAZING. They have TONS of shoes, it is easy to search for certain types of shoes, and (the best part) - it is FREEEEE shipping BOTH ways! If the pair you order doesn't fit, or if you just decided you don't love them, send them on back!

Look at these Christian Louboutin beauties!

Note: I had never even heard of Christian Louboutin's before my shoe obsession recently began. I just love that red sole!

Or check out these lovelies from Kate Spade!

My hunt for bridal shoes is in full swing (and both of these are out of my price range!) I have a few pairs up for consideration - to be revealed at a later date and time. Stay tuned! :)


  1. girl ur feet are going to be killing u by the end of the night! lol if it were me I would be in ballerina slippers all the way! lol :) love u ~Mandy M. :)

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