Sunday, November 1, 2009

Family Portrait Time!

My husband and I are blessed with wonderful families. These families also happen to be rather BIG! And we love it that way. Here are a few of our family photos from the wedding:

My mom's family:

My dad's family:

My mother-in-law's family! (And this isn't even CLOSE to being everyone!)

My father-in-law's family:

My husband's family...

Our parents and us...

And my family. But this photo always makes me a bit sad. As you know, my little sister is missing from the photo. It's just not right without her. We are still praying that God will do a miracle.

Here we are with our precious godson, Gavin (who we also happen to be babysitting tonight!)

Our wedding party!


HOORAY!!! :)

The classic:

And another one of my favorites from the wedding. This photo is currently my desktop background at work. Love it!

Whew! Thank you for letting me introduce my family (and my new family!) to you!

Anyone else out there have big families like me??


  1. I do! I do!

    My family is huge. When we have yearly picnics it is pretty normal to expect 100 + people. My wedding had 200 people and that was missing so many family members.

    I have to say though, that I wouldn't have it any other way. I love a big family and what it all has to offer.

  2. Great pics!

    My family is pretty small, but my husband's is bigger. We had the wedding in LI since most of his family is out there and there's way more of them! HOwever, his family is not as big as your husband's!

  3. our family portraits took forever!!!! yes, you have large families!

  4. family portraits are so much fun!! and your family is quite cute :)

  5. and your hubby are a gorgeous couple! And yes, my family guest list for the wedding (just my side) is like 86 people! The FH's is about 40 I think...still pretty big but I beat him by double!