Friday, October 30, 2009

Completely Out of Order...Our Rehearsal!

I think I might just have the most disjointed, jumbled up recaps ever. Whoops! Hope you all don't mind. Lets take a step back and talk about the wedding rehearsal!

I have always wanted to wear my mom's veil for my wedding...but I just couldn't find a dress that suited me AND the veil. My solution? Wear it to the rehearsal!

Let me tell you a little backstory on why I thought this was such a good idea - beyond just the sentiment of it. When my cousin got married, my littlest sister Ashlyn was the ring bearer. She did great at rehearsal, walking from the bride's side to the groom's side with the rings...right behind the bride. No one took into account the long train the bride would have on her wedding day! Well, the wedding is going along beautifully, and it is time for Ashlyn to present the rings. She is standing on the bride side, knowing she has to get to the groom's side. So what does she do? She take a little running start and JUMPS OVER THE TRAIN! Luckily she cleared it! Whew! It was the funniest/scariest thing. Can you imagine if she had landed on the dress? Oh goodness!

It was great practicing with a train - helped me realize the difficulties I would have moving around with all that dress behind me!

Our rehearsal was a great success. Everyone was on time, everything went the way it was supposed to...perfect! Here's a nice laugh from me and Dad...

Our Bear Bearer is obviously bored. :) But you can see a glimpse of my fabulous red peeptoe pumps I wore in this picture!

We're ready!!!!!

Practicing the walk in...I think I teared up more at the rehearsal than I did at the wedding. This is when it hit me - we are really getting married!!!!!!!!!!!

My husband and Dad, practice the "hand off".

Our Rehearsal Dinner was tons of fun. We had about fifty people there, but it still felt so intimate. We loved spending time with our friends and family.

Our godson/Bear Bearer's mom gave us these shirts. The front says "The Bride" or "The Groom" and the back has our names. Love them!

Friends and family...

Gavin & "Uncle Nate"

My beautiful nephew!!!

A not so great photo of me, but let me just tell you, I absolutely LOVED my dress! It is a Suzi Chin and it is on sale right now at Nordstroms! Less than $60! Go get it!!!

This may be the only photo I have of my bridesmaids' gifts. I made these! They are towel wraps, with ribbon added on and their monogrammed pin. I had hoped to get a photo of the girls in them but it didn't happen. Oh well!

And there you have it...our wedding rehearsal and dinner! Did yours go as smoothly as mine??


  1. lol that's such a cute story! Something similar happened at my sister's wedding. After my dad walked her down the aisle and "gave her away" he needed to cross behind her to get into the pew with my mom. Well my sister's train was blocking his way so instead of waiting for her to move up closer to the alter he jumped over her dress. The entire church laughed and it was a really great moment that we all remember 12 years later. Luckily he didn't land on her dress!

    Good think you had your mom's veil to practice with!

  2. where did you find those towel wraps? so cute!

  3. Wearing your mom's veil at the rehearsal was such an incredible idea! Love it!

    I have a great flower girl story coming. I didn't get to see it, but I really hope there are pictures!

  4. Ours did not go as smoothly! Everyone was driving in from CT to LI, and there was some nasty traffic and I personally think the girls left CT too late! My MOH and 2 other bridesmaids were almost an hour late and I was FREAKING out! My FIL, who married us, told me that he has never done a rehearsal that started on time and he made the point that it was better for this to happen today and not the wedding day! My girls had wanted to go the hotel to change and stuff before rehearsal, but I told them no, they had to get to Church ASAP! 2 of the girls rehearsed in jeans and changed into their rehearsal dinner dresses and stuff before dinner! One of my husband's groomsmen was late too, so we had my friend's husband stand in for him till he showed up!

    Thankfully, the dinner was awesome and the wedding day went perfectly and we were all on time!

  5. Great pictures! All of you look so happy!