Saturday, October 17, 2009

Running Update! And A Bit About Self-Image...

I keep meaning to fill you all in on my latest progress with my newest hobby of running. I was waiting until I found a picture from my 5k, but I decided I have waited long enough.

I don't have a precise time for my 5k (no chip), but it was about 36 minutes. Maybe 37. Not great. But not terrible.

I've actually run a total of 12 miles over the past week! This is huge for me. The week has looked like this:

Tuesday - 5 miles (57:32)
Thursday - 3 miles (32:27)
Saturday - 4 miles (45:15)

Yes, I'm slow. But I'm so proud of how much distance I've covered! I had planned to run 6 miles today, but started outside (because it was a beautiful 75 degrees here today!) and ran 3 miles outside and then one on the treadmill inside. I hadn't hydrated at all during the day (I ran at 4pm and all I had to drink all day was 2 cups of coffee and a giant diet coke. eek.). But I love that I can say, "I only ran 4 miles." That's awesome!

What has changed my attitude toward running - or at least, what has pushed me to run these longer distances?

The Galloway Method. I first heard about it on Angela's blog: If you don't follow her yet, you must start. It is seriously one of the best blogs I read. She wrote about this method - basically you run for a few minutes, then walk for a minute. This works so well for me. I used to think that walking meant I was giving up. Now I know it is giving my body time to re-charge. And I can push myself through those few minutes of running so much faster because I know a walk break is coming! So my overall time is actually often faster than if I had jogged/plodded the whole way. This has been such a liberating thing for me.

I have always had issues with my body. I still do. I feel like I am always at war with my body. But this week, when I have been running, I have felt in awe of my body - amazed at what it could do. I'm hoping I can start to transform my body image to reflect this more often, rather than getting down about how my body looks or feels. If I am in awe of my body, I will treat it better, feed it better, and I am certain my whole self-image will improve accordingly.

Do you struggle with body image? Are you in awe of your body, or at war with it?


  1. Great job with the running - truly inspiring!
    I'm with you...constant struggle with body image...always a war for me

  2. Thank you for this post!
    Way to go! How exciting to do a 5K! You should be so very proud of yourself!!!

    I have been struggling with body image for....well, probably forever. No matter how fat, skinny, healthy, unhealthy I's never good enough. I actually just had a conversation with my husband today about starting to run and become healthy again. He is so supportive and encouraging. I can't wait to begin! Do you have any tips for me?!

  3. Just wanted to let you know I used the "kiss on the forehead of the elderly couple" on my blog. I linked back to you...and gave you a shoutout. :) I hope it's ok I posted it! If not, let me know and I will take it down! You can check it out at

  4. I don't run nearly as long as you do, but I do the run/walk thing too! I can't run straight through, it's too hard for me!

    I used to haaaaate my body! I'm taller than all my friends, and I was never a tiny girl. I have a butt, hips, and thighs and I have a love/hate relationship with them. I always felt HUGE compared to most of my friends when I was younger! As I get older, I am learning to love my body more for what it is. I exercise to keep healthy and look/feel good and that helps a lot!

  5. I am working on being friends with my body...running definitely helps that. Being able to go further or get there faster makes me so proud and it really highlights how far I have come. Good for you for finding a method that works for you!!