Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Still Trying To Be A Runner...

I really want to be a runner.

I am not naturally a runner.

I suck at running.

But...there is just something about it. I want to be a runner.

So tonight I decided to try out our gym's "Outdoor Running Club". Tonight's group was for "Intermediate/Advanced Runners." I am neither. However, I cant' make it to the "Beginning Runners" group on Thursday, so I decided to give it a try.

Hmm. Probably should have thought this one through a bit more.

I showed up and met up with the other runners. There were four of us, and the running instructor. One of the girls just ran the Chicago marathon. That should have been my first clue.

I did fine through mile one. Mile two...got much harder. And after mile two...I had to walk. And since this was a running club, I was the only one walking. Joy.

The running instructor stayed back to run/walk with me while the others went ahead. He talked as I gasped for air and kept me distracted during the rest of the run. He told me how he only has 70% of his lung function...yet I was the one gasping for air.


The run lasted four miles. Any other day, I would be proud of myself. But when comparing myself to "real" runners...it was humbling.

I'm not going to give up. I want to be a runner.

Now I just have to tend to these massive blisters on my feet...

Anyone else have some tough days on their way to being a runner?


  1. I admire your determination! I also want to be a runner, but I'm just horrible at it (it's my lungs that always give out first). You might motivate me to keep trying though :).

  2. I would love to be a runner, however i just can't run! Although i am planning on setting up a plan, you have to ease yourself in gently! Say, run then walk, wun then walk for 30 mins, then try to run for 30 mins, then up the time ect :) xx

  3. Keep at it! It's great that you have such determination and goals!

    Running is so tough - I am just getting back into it after a bout of nasty shin splints. I was a runner all through high school and ran sub-7 minute miles once upon a time. I got the shin splints because I wanted to be that runner again, even though I am more of an 11-12 minute mile person now :P Stick with your plan and only do as much as you can! All those runners had to start somewhere (except for those annoying ones built like gazelles to which running comes naturally LOL).

  4. As in having given up a long time ago and just calling myself a walker instead? Um, yes.

  5. Congratsss!!! Keep it up, you will BE a runner!

  6. NIke has great running socks that keep you completely blister free. I dont know the name of them, but they are orange, white and gray (I am looking at mine right now, lol) and are a different color for each part of the foot. They last FOREVER. I wear my (only) pair every time I work out- running or otherwise, and have for voer a year and they are still going strong! They are about 10 bucks I think. Keep working on the running! When I started maybe 5 years ago, it was a huge accomplishment to get to 3 miles. But within the past year i have run 2 half marathons! You can totally do it :)