Friday, October 23, 2009

Time to Get Married!!

It's Friday night and I'm sitting home alone watching reruns of "Say Yes to the Dress." I can't get enough of this show!

So of course seeing all these dresses makes me want to look at pictures of my own wedding!

So here's where we left off. We arrived at the church and it was time to finish those last minute details!

Pinning the boutenairre on my Daddy...

Kelly and Katie keeping themselves entertained. :)

Pinning my Grandma's corsage...

And a few shots with my dear teddy bear, Cuby!

And was time! As I waited upstairs, this was going on inside the church. My soon to be husband walked in behind his two older brothers. From the very beginning of wedding planning, he always wanted to walk down the he did! :)

Our bridal party entered...(for some reason we don't have photos of everyone entering...strange!)

And was time for our "Bear Bearer". He walked in the doors, saw his Uncle Nate and took off running!! These is one of my favorite photo sequences from the whole wedding!

Then my soon to be husband started wringing his hands, anxiously awaiting my arrival!

My Daddy and I were told, "It's time!" And we were ready!


  1. GORGEOUS! I just love all the flowers down the aisle!

  2. Omg the pics of your husband and that little boy are beyond precious!

    I love "Say Yes To The Dress!"

  3. Yeah, not sure why there are no pictures of all of us entering. I definitely remember a bright flash going off in front of me right before I got to the stage. Maybe we were all blinking or something?

  4. Beautiful !!!!
    I totally agree with Melissa above, the pic of your husband and the little boy are gorgeous.


  5. I totally still watch Say Yes to the Dress too!
    That one of your girls taking the picture of themselves is too cute!

  6. I watched those repeats last night as well lol.
    Great pics!

  7. Awwww! The photos of your Bear Bearer & "Uncle Nate" are SO sweet! ^_^

  8. The Bear Bearer!!! I adorable!

  9. You didn't tell how your family made you listen to them sing "Going to the chapel" all the way to the church.