Sunday, October 18, 2009

We Have Some Goodlooking Friends!

The men...looking dapper as always....

I love this photo. You can see the raindrops that had started falling!

What a goodlooking bunch of guys. :)

And now for the ladies!

Aren't they beautiful??? And remember - those dresses were just $40!

Loved their bouquets! So simple, so cheap - and so beautiful! Just two hydrangeas!

Much more to come!
(All photos courtesy of Audrey Snow!)


  1. Still can't believe the dresses were only $40 - everything is looking fab!

  2. Loving those bouquet. Simple, pretty and elegant!!


  3. Callie, awesome finds! I should have just gone with black dresses too since I spent a bit on their dresses (did love them all though). The heels shot is really cute!

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  4. Nice pictures!
    I really love those flowers also..
    And that aisle!? Wow...that looked amazing. :-)

  5. The bouquets looked great! Love the simplicity