Sunday, October 18, 2009

Becoming a Bride!

Time for some more photos!

It was time to put on my dress. (The dress in the background here is my mom's.)

Note: my hips are too large to put my dress on by stepping into it. Hmm. This became a serious issue when it came to the day of the wedding. Hair and makeup were already done. How to get into a giant white dress without messing everything up?

Answer? Have at least seven bridesmaids ready to help. And practice holding your breath. I seriously thought I might suffocate at one point. I love this photo of my "big" sister standing on a stool to help me get into my dress!

A group effort!

And we're in!

Adjust. Adjust. Adjust.

Finishing touches by my sister...

And voila! Ladies and gentlement, we have a BRIDE!!!

My friend/bridesmaid Katie approves...(isn't she the cutest?)

And it looks like Mom approves too! (How beautiful is she??? I love this photo!)

Shoes on...

Trying to hold back the tears so I don't mess up the make up! Not an easy task when my soon-to-be sister-in-law had started the water works! I love this girl!!


And then it was time to begin the bridal why not start them off with one of my favorites? :)

Did anyone else have trouble getting the dress on? What a funny time that was...

(Oh and thanks for all the comments on the body image post - much more to come on that soon!)