Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thoughts on Food Blogging...

My husband is yelling at the tv because his FSU Noles aren't playing well. At all.

So I decided to blog about something entirely different. :)

Now that my wedding is over, I find myself less intrigued by wedding blogs. There are some I keep up with because of the great photography, and others I keep up with because I have developed a sort of connection with the bride-to-be. But mostly? I'm moving on.

What has been catching my eye? Food and fitness blogs. And when I say food blogs, let me be more specific. I am loving blogs that focus on eating "real food", "natural food" and "healthy food."

This idea of "real food" is something I"m trying to focus on. Rather than grabbing whatever is convenient (or free in my case!), I'm trying to make a concerted effort to eat more "real food". Today, my food looked like this:

Breakfast: Nutrigrain bar (not exactly "real") and a vegan cranberry nut muffin.

Lunch: Baked potato (albeit with too many toppings), salad, green beans, and a whole grain roll. Oh yes...and that piece of apple pie.

Dinner: Spinach salad, small bowl of chili with Mission tortilla chips. And two glasses of Cheap Red Wine.

Now that I've listed my food...does anyone really care? I find myself so intrigued by what people eat during their day. And food bloggers are usually so good about taking pictures of everything they eat. And I've also heard about a study that found that people who take pictures of their food tend to eat healthier (I am sure because they are trying to impress someone!).

But...I just don't know if I have the discipline to take a picture of everything I eat, let alone upload it to my computer, and insert it into my blog post. You'll notice that this post is glaringly empty of photos. (Sorry!)

What type of blogs do you follow? Are there any other food blog lovers out there? How do you feel about this phenomenon of food blogging?


  1. There are less good food bloggers out there I think. And well photographing a soup of broccoli isn't quite appetizing, is it?
    I do follow design blogs and motherhood blogs.

  2. I'm more into recipe blogs than blogs that detail exactly what someone eats all day, although I do enjoy Eat, Live Run!

  3. I've started to make that transition too! I'm mostly following baking blogs right now b/c I love to bake, just don't do it that much!

  4. I feel the same way. The wedding blogs don't capture me as much. I'm not sure what to move onto next.

  5. I totally hear you C. I still like some design aspects and the fashion aspects of weddings but am not all over them otherwise. I do like to post and share that since some brides still read my blog. But the big wedding focused websites aren't holding my attention like they used to.

    I've evolved into posting about deals and fashion and now follow a few fashion and London based blogs (since we've moved here). Your recaps remind me I have to get our pictures cleaned up.

    Oh and one of my best friends runs a food blog! She made the gingersnap and marscapone fruit tart for my bridal shower and it is so delicious. If you're interested, I had to compile a list of food blogs for work and can send that to you.