Sunday, October 18, 2009

A Few Ceremony Details...

Our ceremony was...beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. Here are a few of the details.

We decided a day or two that we needed more candles in the church. My mom and sister bought out Wal-mart's supply of candle holders and candles. They looked so beautiful, and no one would have guessed they were a last minute idea!

We took Communion together during the ceremony. This was one of my favorite moments. We had a friend sing one of our favorite worship songs, "Because of Who You Are". It was absolutely beautiful. This was such a reverant time.

Check out the beautiful aisle runner, made by Super-Crafty Sister!

The aisle looked SOOOO beautiful.

And our homemade programs turned out so well! I can't wait to share the details of these with you...

Stay tuned! More to come!


  1. the aisle looked amazing! that runner is beautiful! xx

  2. Wow I do love all the candles! You would have never known it was a last minute decision!

  3. I loved all the candles that you incorporated!

  4. The aisle looked so pretty. And the candles gave a very special touch. Love it!!!


  5. Ah! The aisle looked gorgeous! And I love the effect that the candles gave! Beautiful!

  6. WOW your ceremony looked so gorgeous! Seriously makes me wish I was having our ceremony indoors.

  7. Beautiful. I love how candles dress things up so nicely.