Saturday, October 24, 2009

And It's Time!!!!

Where did we leave off? Oh yes...time to walk down the aisle!!!
The doors opened, and I saw my groom with the biggest smile on his face.

My Daddy and I walked in the doors and headed down the aisle.

My poor groom didn't know what to do with his hands. He kept rubbing them together, rubbing them together...
I love this shot of him and his big brother Nick.

My Mom had one request when it came to my bouquet - she wanted a daisy. See, daisies have always been my flower. This was my way to honor her as I walked down the aisle. I had a gerbera daisy that I carried with my bouquet, but not actually in the bouquet. Unfortunately, I was squeezing the bouquet so tightly that the stem snapped! I handed her my tiny little flower and we laughed together. :)

And then it was time for Daddy's big moment. "Who gives this woman to be married to this man?" "Her mother and I".

He kissed me on my cheek...

Hugged his soon-to-be son-in-law...

And he joined my hand with my groom's. I love these photos. It is so symbolic of my Daddy welcoming my new husband into our family.

And then, it was time for the marriage covenant! Our Pastor (who has known us for YEARS) had a wonderful sermon to share, all about how marriage is a choice and love is a choice. It was important to both of us to have our vows read, "I choose you..." and he really explained this. It was wonderful.

I love this photo of us praying together. It speaks so much to our faith.

The church looked so beautiful.

I love the photos of my groom as he says his vows.

And I love this photo of my parents, watching approvingly.


Nate's brothers and friend Gavin looking on...

Another wonderful photo. But it cracks me up that you can see our Pastor's "script" inside his Bible. :) At some point we took Communion, but we don't have any pictures of that. (Boo.) As I've said before, it was probably my absolute favorite moment of the whole ceremony.

Oooh. Another one of my favorite moments. We had a "family blessing" instead of a unity candle. Each of us had an uncle speak - mine spoke about the importance of faith and family in our lives, and then his uncle said a prayer as our parents surrounded us. It was beautiful.

And was time to kiss the bride!!!

My husband likes to make fun of me, because after he kissed me, I grabbed his face and kissed him again. One kiss wasn't enough. :)

"Introducing, for the very first time...Mr. & Mrs. august15! :)

We all walked out of the sanctuary and into a smaller room. On the way in, my new brother-in-law stepped on my dress and I heard a "RIIPPPP!" I almost died. But I think just one of the "pickups" in my skirt came out because we really couldn't see any tear. WHEW!!!
I love this photo of me and my new sister-in-law!!!

Wow...I love re-living all of this with you!! Thanks for letting me share my stories with you!


  1. I LOVE that you had a 'family blessing' - I almost cried looking at the pictures! Beautiful ceremony!

  2. Ahhhh! I love it!
    I also love that family blessing! It looked like a really powerful moment. You looks so happy in all your pictures and everything looked so pretty! Congrats! :-)
    It's nice to be married now, huh? :-)

  3. I mentioned before, and will mention again: Beautiful beautiful beautiful ceremony you had.
    The family blessing was so special!!


  4. Such great photos!! It looks like it was such a wonderful day!

  5. Beautiful ceremony. We kissed several times too when our offciant announced that we could kiss.

  6. I love the smooching pictures! I can't wait to see mine! The Candyman planted one on me!

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    I have an award waiting for you