Thursday, August 13, 2009

Carrot Cake Cupcake Queen

Littlest Sister has been earning herself a new name - Carrot Cake Cupcake Queen. She has been busy in the kitchen all day, making dozens and dozens of carrot cake cupcakes. Tomorrow is frosting day. Isn't she the cutest little baker??

They are so yummy! (Yes, I have had a few...)


  1. You have such wonderful helpers!!! You know that you are going to owe them a lot when it is their turn, don't you? hehe.

  2. Can I please have the recipe for her cupcakes? They look YUMMY :) my email is :
    Best wishes and lots of love for your big day :)

  3. They are so yummy.... yummy....

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  4. I just came across your blog via another blogger I'd been corresponding with, thirtysomethingbride, and she mentioned your beautiful cake buffet- amazing!!! Could you send me that cupcake recipe as well, if possible? It looks like your sister did an incredible job!!