Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Home Sweet Home

My parents were high school sweethearts, married young, and built a house together when they were 27. Our family has lived in that house ever since. My mom literally went into labor with my younger sister as she hung siding on the house, and my dad's little finger doesn't work quite right anymore due to his laying of the hardwood floors.

Most brides aren't lucky enough to get ready for the wedding in the house where they grew up. I did!

I love this shot of me at the front door of my parents' house. I remember many days of washing that front porch, and I remember when that door was installed.

And this gives you a great view of my dress! By the way, since I never revealed it on my blog, it is a Casablanca 1892. We did a little reshaping of it (to make it not so poofy), but it is pretty much the same as when I bought it. It literally was the first dress I tried on. I kept trying on other dresses, but I kept referring to this one as "my dress." And so it was.

Where will you be getting ready for your wedding day?


  1. Oh wow, that's a gorgeous shot! I won't be getting married in my hometown, so I'll have to find a sleek hotel or somewhere to get ready. Love the photos!

  2. That's such a gorgeous picture (as well as the ones in the post below!)

    I got married out of town, so I got ready in and stayed at an executive suite at a Hyatt. It was gorgeous and HUGE, which was helpful since I had 7 bridesmaids and 2 moms in there with me all day! :)

  3. Beautiful picture! Can't wait to see the rest!

    I woke up in my childhood home, but got ready at the church!

  4. I will be getting ready at my parent's house in my hometown. It isn't exactly the house I grew up in but my parents have lived there for 8 years now. It is the place I call home when I am away from where I live.

  5. Your dress is beautiful!! I love it. I hope you had a wonderful wedding and are enjoying the married life. So exciting!!

  6. so beautiful! and to have it at your home is a dream :)

  7. Love your dress :-)
    I got ready in my parent's house, too. This, I enjoyed very much as you did as well.