Wednesday, August 12, 2009

More Signage Please

As we get close to the wedding, more signs have been made than I ever thought possible.

There is the sign for the guestbook.

The signs for the dessert table.

The sign for the card box.

Do placecards count as signs?

(Thankfully, Super-Crafty Sister is handling all of these!)

But there is one more sign (or two more) that I would love to have.

I love this shot. I love that you can see all of their guests surrounding them. Sadly though, our backs will be to a wall, so I'm not sure this shot is even possible or worth making the signs. But I love it!

Did you (or will you) have bride/groom signs on your chairs?


  1. the sign on chair ideas is so cute :) maybe you can move the signs to the front of your chairs when you're walking around so everyone can see? i'm excited to see all of your signs.

  2. Man you just reminded me! I need signs!!!

  3. I don't know. We will be in the middle of the room so signs could "work" and it's a simple enough DIY.

    I am making table signs for things such as the guestbook and such. That's pretty simple and it makes a nice oimpact.

  4. I so wanted to do this! But like you mentioned, our backs will be near the wall so no one would even see them!

  5. We didn't because we had a sweetheart table and it was very obvious who sat there!