Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Glimpse of the Wedding Elves

As I mentioned before, my family has been hard at work! I failed to mention my Aunt who recently came to town with my Uncle, and both of them have been enlisted as members of the Wedding Elves. :)

Here is a glimpse into their workshop!

Super-Crafty Sister, hard at work...

My Aunt Sue getting in on the action...

And a glimpse of the finished table numbers! :)

Don't they look great?!?!


  1. they do!! i love them. how did they do the numbers?

  2. So awesome that you have a clan to help you!

  3. They look fab! It is so great that you are able to recruit little wedding elves to help with the work. I am lucky myself as I too have a few wedding elves who will be there to relieve my stress.

  4. i love them!! they look awesome! How fabulous to have your family to help you out!! :)

  5. Too bad the only good thing about that table number picture was the picture. The game stunk. Love ME

  6. Super-Crafty Sister did the photos with the numbers in Photoshop and then printed them (I think).

  7. Table numbers came out fabulous!

  8. Absolutely gorgeous!!!!
    Great idea.