Tuesday, August 11, 2009

"Fat Guy In A Little Coat..."

(Tommy Boy anyone?)

My beloved ring bearer has a habit of growing at inopportune times. Like when he is supposed to be fitting into a tux for my wedding. He tried on his tux about a week ago - it was too small!

His mom immediately compared it to Chris Farley in Tommy Boy - "Fat guy in a little coat..."
Don't worry - they were able to order him one that fits...as long as he doesn't grow again before Saturday!


  1. Aw, isn't he cute!!

    We had the same fear with my niece... When we purchased her dress, it was big and we tried it on last week and it is no longer too big. It actually lifts off the floor a little now. Oh well!

  2. What a cute kid! We're having the opposite problem with my flowergirl, as I bought the dress for the other girl, and then we tried to see if we could get the dress to fit the younger one, but we're probably just going to go buy one from Dillards or something.

  3. how precious is he?! what a cute picture!

    glad you could get a bigger jacket!

    4 days!!!!! hooooray for you!

  4. that is too cute and funny.
    OMG, t minus 3 days!!!

  5. Haha! He is too cute! Glad that you were able to get another tuxedo ordered! 4 days left!!!!! SO exciting!!!

  6. haha...that's exactly what my fiance says everytime he puts on a suit or tux :)