Monday, August 31, 2009

A Picture of Marriage

How does one create a picture of marriage? To me, this picture represents marriage:

A joining together. Two becoming one. For better or for worse. Loving the other more than yourself. Two different beings, beautifully intertwined. Forever.

Married life is wonderful. :)


  1. That photo is beautiful! And what you wrote...ok well it's too early to be tearing up!

  2. Ummmmmmm......allow me to wipe my drool!!! :-)
    This picture is FREAK'IN AMAZING!!! I mean, like, REALLY!! This is one of my all time fav wedding pics that I have seen. I love it!

  3. delurking to tell you how beautiful your blog is - the two of you, the wedding, the thoughts, the photos- everything, just lovely :) Thank you for sharing - I'm enjoying reading about your planning process and just seeing another interracial couple out there - I'm going to have to send my fiance over!