Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Yummy Stuff

I probably mentioned somewhere along the way that I wanted to have a "Dessert Table" in addition to our cake. And you probably remember my difficulty trying to figure out what the cake should look like.

Everything turned out PERFECTLY.

We had a whole room set aside for desserts. The best part? It was closed off until it was time to cut the cake! Immediately after dinner, we walked toward the room, the doors were opened, and we (and our guests!) saw THIS:

I really think I heard a collective gasp. It was breathtaking. The cake? Absolutely everything I had imagined. We had cookies, carrot cake cupcakes, candy, brownies, chocolate covered peanut brittle, etc etc!

One of the best parts? We asked people close to us to make special desserts for us - such as my Grandma's snickerdoodles. Everyone loved this. It added such a personal touch!

There will be many more pictures of this to come, but I wanted to give you all the sneak peek.

Will you be doing anything special for dessert at your wedding?


  1. This is what I want to do!!! Where did you get those display plates/cakestands... the venue or what? I need to DIY them or something. I also liked your idea about the other room... I am going to look into it!

  2. @Miss Pug: I'm glad you liked it! We got all the display stands and jars through many months of shopping at TJ Maxx and Homegoods. I'm sure they will be seen in our families' houses for years to come. :)

  3. This is what I call a perfect dessert table :-)

  4. Everything looks delicious. We are having different types of cheesecake since that's what are venue is know for.

  5. OMG!! That is a fabulous spread! The treats all look delicious and I love that some of them were homemade and special to you both. I REALLY like the unique stands and such...great job!

  6. O.M.G.

    Gorgeous! A Nashville bride did this last year, but without the cake! She and her family members all made their special desserts.

    Yours looks spectacular!

    Did the venue set it up for you?

    Wow. I keep going back to the pictures. Just gorgeous. I hope mine turns out half as nice! I'm doing a cake buffet. :)

  7. mmm so yummy. it's great that your close family made something for the table :)