Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Registry Wars - The Finale

Some of you were actually around WAYYYY back when I posted about the Registry Wars my groom and I were having. (Shout out to CheapWife!)

Here's the update. I got (almost) all my china. I just need one more place setting!

And his TV? Well, because of the generosity of our friends and family, at this moment he is picking up his beloved TV. This is the one we decided to get:

I have to admit, it is a thing of beauty.
Unfortunately, we have to set it up ourselves. Yes, they could have delivered it - but not until after our high school football team plays on ESPN this Saturday. And we had to watch that on the big screen.
I'll keep you posted. This could be interesting. :)


  1. haha! boys and their TVs! My husband adores his big screen! If PennState was playing..we would have done the samething!! again, your photographer is amazing! so jealous!

  2. We have a Samsung as well and LOVE it. Enjoy!

  3. yay for a new tv :) my fiance would love one, but we are sticking to kitchen gadgets and home supplies. if he only knew he could register for one...