Thursday, March 12, 2009

China v. TV - Registry Wars

I love china. Love it. My mom always used her china for any family dinners or any other special dinner occasion. I absolutely cannot wait to have my own china!

(Our beautiful Lenox Federal Platinum China)

My fiance? He loves sports. And loves watching sports on TV. And so, he loves big screen TVs.

Ask him what he wants for a wedding gift? A tv. That's it. Or at least money toward a tv. And he tells every wedding guest that's what we want.

But guess what? I'm winning. Six place settings of china have already been purchased! (Thanks to Macy's having some great sales I'm sure!) But I keep trying to reassure him that one way or another, he will get his tv.

Have you and your fiance had any registry wars?


  1. I love the cup that comes with your china

  2. Can you really register for a TV??
    My FI jokes all the time that I got a ring so he wants a flat screen.
    We were joking about registering for one....but I didn't think you could really get away with doing that.
    Did you guys really register for a TV?

  3. we're lucky we already have a big flatscreen, otherwise i'm sure he'd be demanding to register somewhere that sells them! lol good luck!

  4. We really did register for a TV! It was one of his requirements. We registered at Target, and so the TV pictured above is really from our registry. We aren't really expecting anyone to get it for us, but Target (and many other stores) give you a discount on things remaining on your registry after the wedding. I just know this is going to make your fiance's day! :)

  5. Mr. Airforce registered for a HUGE Tv... however, he was very particular about the china too!!

  6. My FI wants to register for tools. yep, you heard right, tools. He already has a bunch and really doesn't need any specifically, but that is what he wants and desires.

  7. My husband registered for tools also and got them. I guess since everything else is "for us" they get to pick a few things. And.....he finally just got his 42'flat screen. I get to get my camera! Compromise Compromise.......